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Brow Lift

Eyebrows often descend with age and contribute to a tired or sad appearance to the eyes. Depending on your cosmetic concerns and goals, Dr. Ho will help you determine whether you are an ideal brow lift candidate and help give your eyes a fresh and more youthful look.

Brow Lift: The Procedure

Brow lift is a surgical procedure that raises the position of the eyebrows. The eyes are the first features of the face to show signs of aging. Over time, the forces of gravity promote downward descent of the eyebrows (brow ptosis) that in turn may contribute to a heavy appearance of the upper eyelids. There are several non-surgical treatment options such as neurotoxin and filler injection available that can help create a temporary brow elevation effect; however, only brow lift surgery provides a permanent solution to altering brow position. Dr. Ho specializes in brow lift and performs each surgery according to the unique anatomic features and treatment goals of each patient.

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Different Surgical Techniques To Brow Lift

There are many different approaches in brow lift surgery. The most commonly performed surgical technique is the endoscopic brow lift. With this approach, minimal incisions are placed in the hair-bearing scalp, and suspending tissues and ligaments are freed to mobilize and elevate the brows. The ideal endoscopic brow lift patient demonstrates on exam a flat forehead with a normal or low hairline. If a patient possesses a high hairline instead, they may benefit more from a trichophytic or pretrichial brow lift approach, where the incisions are created within or in front of the anterior hairline, respectively. The coronal brow lift is an older surgical technique that utilizes one long incision in the hair-bearing scalp; this approach is typically avoided in patients with high hairlines or male pattern baldness. The temporal brow lift focuses on elevating the lateral component of the brows only through incisions created in the temple portion of the hair-bearing scalp. The mid forehead and direct brow lift approaches are performed via incisions made along forehead wrinkle lines or directly above the brows, respectively. These two surgical techniques indicated for bald male patients with prominent forehead wrinkles and/or asymmetric brows.

Dr. Ho’s Approach To Brow Lift

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ho specializes exclusively in cosmetic procedures of the head and neck area including the  surgical techniques described above for brow lift. Dr. Ho devotes ample time and effort with every patient to select the most ideal brow lift approach for each patient. Dr. Ho pursues a conservative, natural approach to brow lift; she believes it is important to avoid removing excessive skin or placing tissues into excessive suspension that could create an overcorrected and unnatural result. In addition, Dr. Ho often recommends for upper eyelid surgery in conjunction with brow lift to further improve a patient’s surgical results. Her intention as a facial plastic surgeon is to create a more youthful and aesthetically harmonious appearance for every brow lift patient.

What To Expect After Brow Lift

Every brow lift procedure is unique and tailored to the individual patient. Thus, the kinds of incisions used as well as degree of swelling, bruising, and tenderness after surgery will vary by patient. Each brow lift patient will follow-up with Dr. Ho one week after surgery for suture removal and then follow-up again at weeks to months out at regular intervals for re-evaluation. Patients should expect immediate bruising and swelling following surgery that typically subside by one to two weeks out from surgery. Post-operative pain is often mild and managed well with prescribed pain medication. Improvement in the appearance of the eyebrows is usually observed immediately or after most of the bruising and swelling has resolved. Dr. Ho maintains regular follow-up with her patients to make sure that every patient heals well and is satisfied with their surgical results.

Surgical Procedures Routinely Performed With Brow Lift

It is common for other procedures to be performed at the in conjunction with brow lift surgery. They include but are not limited to the following: facelift, neck lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, laser skin resurfacing, and fat transfer. Dr. Ho specializes in aging face surgery and will discuss with each brow lift patient whether they may benefit from additional procedures at the time of their brow lift surgery to maximize their facial rejuvenation results.

The Ideal Eyebrows

Dr. Ho believes that while every face is unique, the ideal eyebrows contribute to a more awake, refreshed appearance to the eyes. In females, the ideal eyebrow sits just above the supraorbital rim (upper bony rim of the eye socket) and arches at the lateral border of the iris. In males, the ideal brow rests at the supraorbital rim with less arching. The medial aspect of each eyebrow should align vertically with the lateral portion of the ipsilateral nostril; the lateral aspect should approach an oblique line connecting the nostril to the lateral corner of the eye on the same side. Dr. Ho utilizes many anatomic principles as well as her aesthetic intuition to achieve the most ideal brow lift surgical results.

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