Neurotoxin and Filler Instructions

Please follow the instructions carefully and completely to achieve the best possible results and do not hesitate to contact the RMA staff with any questions prior to or after your treatment visit.

Prior to Your Treatment Visit

  • It is important that you inform us of any routine medications, vitamins, or supplements you take on a daily basis so that we can take this into account when planning your treatment. Please inform your provider prior to your appointment if you have a history of cold sores or take chronic blood-thinning medications.
  • Do not take any blood-thinning medications or herbal supplements starting 1 week before your appointment, as these may interfere with blood clotting. Example medications include but are not limited to aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, St. John’s Wort, ginkgo, vitamin E, and fish oil.
  • If you develop a cold, cough, chest congestion, nasal stuffiness, or any other symptoms of infection within 1 week prior to your appointment, you must notify RMA staff immediately.
  • Avoid dental procedures (including cleanings) for 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your treatment.
  • Avoid alcohol and any illicit drugs starting 48 hours before your treatment date.
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or the use of hair removal creams in the areas to be treated starting 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Please avoid applying makeup, lotions or creams to your face and neck prior your appointment.
  • Eat a small meal or snack prior to your appointment.

After Your Treatment Visit

What to Expect

Each injectable procedure is different and customized to the individual patient. Therefore, the extent of swelling, bruising, and tenderness that occur after treatment will vary by patient.

  • For Neurotoxin:  Bruising may occur at the injection sites and is usually minimal. Any associated swelling resolves within hours after treatment. Neurotoxin treatment starts to take effect within 2 to 3 days after the procedure
  • For Fillers: There may be swelling or bruising at the injection sites or in the treated areas that is most often mild. Certain areas of the face such as the lips or the lower eyelid region may experience more extensive swelling. The results of filler injection is typically observed immediately or after most of the immediate swelling has subsided. It is not uncommon for slight asymmetries to be observed initially after an injectable procedure that typically resolve by two weeks out when the treatment is in maximal effect. If there is dark discoloration change in the treated area associated with new, significant pain, please call the office of Rejuvenation Medical Aesthetics immediately.

It is important to allow the injectable treatment to take effect the entire two weeks after the procedure before considering possible need for additional treatment. Please call the office with any questions or concerns related to any injectable treatment, especially if there is any concern for an allergic reaction or more than expected bruising, swelling, or pain.

Activity Restrictions

Exercise and strenuous activity should be avoided for 4 hours following neurotoxin treatment and for 24 hours following injectable treatment.

Head Positioning
  • Fillers: You should keep your head elevated 30 degrees at all times (head above heart) for the first 24 to 48 hours following treatment to help minimize swelling in the treated areas.
Cool Compresses
  • Neurotoxin:  You may apply ice as needed for any bruising or swelling that occurs at the injection sites.
  • Fillers: Apply cool compresses (ice packs or frozen bags of vegetables) to the treated areas frequently while awake for the first 24 to 48 hours after treatment. This measure will help reduce swelling, bruising, and discomfort.

You may resume your normal diet following treatment. Drink plenty of fluids to rehydrate yourself and minimize swelling following filler injection. A low-salt diet will also minimize your post-treatment swelling.

Wound Care

You may resume showering and your skincare regimen the same day following treatment. Avoid applying makeup or heavy lotions to the injection sites for the first 24 hours following treatment. Avoid massaging the treated areas for 48 hours following neurotoxin injection and for 1 week following filler injection.


For pain: You may take over-the-counter Tylenol for mild pain. Please take the pain medication per the label instructions. Please avoid blood thinning medications such as NSAIDs for the first 48 hours after treatment to minimize bruising. If your pain is not well-controlled with over-the-counter pain medication or you develop worsening focal pain and swelling in the treated areas, please call Rejuvenation Medical Aesthetics right away.

If you have a history of cold sores, you may be prescribed an anti-viral medication to take for prophylaxis. Please take this medication as prescribed starting the day before treatment and resume the same day following treatment.

Self Care

Avoid any type of facial, microdermabrasion, or massage for 2 weeks following treatment.

Follow-up Appointment

We recommend that all NEW neurotoxin patients and all filler patients to follow-up at 2 weeks following treatment when it has taken full effect, as we are committed to ensuring our patients are satisfied with their results. Touch-up treatments if needed can be performed at this time. Repeat neurotoxin patients who do not require scheduled follow-up should call our office at 2 weeks out from treatment with any concerns regarding treatment effect.

If you have any questions before or after your visit, please call our office and a member of our staff will be happy to speak with you.

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