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Have You Tried Remede Wellness in Langhorne? The RMA Team Tried out the Training Program and We Were SWEATING!

Here at RMA, we love to do different team-bonding activities. Most of us love to workout, so we decided to try Remede Wellness in Langhorne. We took a class with Coach Jamie and it was AMAZING!

We sat down and chatted with her as she gave us the low-down on the new gym:

Why Remede?

“I love the HIIT style training and coaching,” says Jamie. “Personally, it has made me a stronger athlete. I love that it’s something that everyone can participate in, going at their own paces. It’s not just a gym-it is a community of athletes constantly supporting one another. Not to mention, I love pushing a sled! Nothing feels more bad-ass than surviving a sled push at the end of your workout.”

What makes your workout different than others?

“Every class is constantly changing. We always try to do a full-body workout. You are not going to walk in and know what to expect, because it’s always a new format. We focus on all the major big lifts: squats, deadlights, and shoulder press. We focus on functional movement. Stability and mobility is key to us,” says Coach Jamie.

If you could set one goal for each client by the end of his or her workout, what would it be?

“To drip with sweat, have fun, and feel motivated to keep coming back. I want all my clients to feel empowered. I personally have been introducing some new landmine exercises and it’s so amazing to watch someone go from ‘I can’t lift that’ to ‘I just killed that exercise,'” exclaims Jamie

What is your favorite exercise? Why?

Jamie says, “LUNGES AND SHOULDER PRESSES! I feel both right away. I am always pushing the weight up so it’s not comfortable but so that it’s doable. I started years ago thinking 10lb DB’s were heavy, and now I am pressing a barbell with plates on it. The same goes for lunges-I love to HATE them. They hurt so good. I never want to hurt after a workout but I like when I can feel it, and lunges always do me dirty. I love anything from weighted walking lunges to pulsing lunges.”

What is your advice for someone who is just starting to workout?

Jamie’s advice is: “Always start with a class or personal trainer. You don’t want to go to a gym and look around and not know what to do. Trust me, riding the bike or  running on the treadmill for 30 minutes is not what is going to make those big changes. You should lift weights while someone is helping you with form. Almost any class I have ever taken there is the option to go at your own pace.”

“I have met some of my closest friends from attending classes. I find that it makes me want to get out of bed because I easily get ‘FOMO.’ I also tell everyone we all have to start somewhere. Don’t worry about the person next to you because you have no idea what part of the journey they are on or what struggles they have to look and be where they want. Focus on you and your goals and don’t compare to others. My motto is to LIFT WEIGHTS!”

Check out the Remede Wellness website here for more information on their classes and training sessions! Follow them at @RemedeWellnessbyFit365 for at-home workouts during your quarantine!

Stay safe! Xo, The RMA Team

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