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CO2 Resurfacing Laser: Before, During, After


Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient before and after

Before CO2 Laser

I have struggled with my skin for many years. I have oily/combination skin, my pores are large, and I am very acne-prone. I am also a recovering skin picker, so I have acne scars as a result.

I have managed to get to a point where I have my acne under control, and I would like to address my scarring and texture issues.

I had to stop using my tretinoin a week prior to the treatment. This was due to the fact that it causes the skin to be more sensitive than usual.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient after procedure

The CO2 Laser Treatment

The CO2 laser is the ultimate treatment for wrinkles, deep creases, scarring, texture, and tone. The CO2 laser emits an intense energy beam that heats and instantly vaporizes tissue. It is so precise that the surrounding tissue is not affected. The new skin will be softer, smoother, and tighter.

The medical aesthetician, Marijana, let me know what to expect during and after the treatment. I was aware that there would be a week or so of downtime where my skin would be red and sensitive. It would also probably swell for the first day or so. However, the transformational results from the CO2 laser that I have seen proved to me that a little downtime would be so worth it in the end. Give me that baby-soft skin!

During The Procedure

The day came for my procedure, and I was so excited. I tend to focus on my imperfections, and I could not wait to finally address some of the things that were bothering me. I got the treatment on a Friday, so my skin would heal over the weekend.

A topical numbing cream was applied to my face about an hour before the procedure. I could not feel a thing!

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient during the procedure

The actual treatment did not take very long, about fifteen minutes, and done! The procedure did not hurt, and I was comfortable throughout. The laser made a light beeping noise, and I could feel it when the laser went off, but again, it was not uncomfortable. Similarly to IPL, I would compare the feeling of the laser to a light-snapping or prick.

After Care Post-CO2 Laser

Layers of Alastin's Nectar and Healing Balm (comparable to Aquaphor) were applied to my face to create the ultimate healing environment right after the treatment. Marijana also explained to me that aftercare is just as important as the procedure itself, and it was important to follow up with medical-grade skincare in order to get the desired results.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient right after the procedure

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient right after the procedure

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient right after the procedure

Day 1

Immediately after the procedure, my face was still numb, so I was not in any pain. After an hour or so, I could definitely feel the heat on my face, so I applied some cold compresses, as instructed by the medical aesthetician.

Later that night, I used an electronic fan to provide some cooling relief. I slept on my back as instructed, as you do not want your freshly-treated face against the pillow. I was pretty red by the end of the night, and I could feel some swelling coming on, especially around the eye area, which makes sense because it is the most delicate area.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 1 day after procedure

Day 2

On the second day, I was very red. It was expected. I woke up swollen. Very swollen. But I feel that it is also important to point out that I did not succeed in sleeping on my back throughout the night, and I woke up with my face against the pillow. So that probably made things worse.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 2 days after procedure

I was puffy around the eyes mostly, but I was no longer feeling the heat sensation. I continued to put cold compresses on and use my electric fan. I took Benadryl to address the swelling. I was not uncomfortable, but it was definitely a Netflix & Chill kind of day, as I looked pretty crazy and just wanted to give my body a break to heal my skin.

During the healing time, you cannot exercise or sweat a lot, as it affects the skin's healing. I was switching between washing my face with gentle soap and purified water and a mixture of one cup of water and two teaspoons of white vinegar to prevent infection.

Day 3

By the third day, I was definitely still swollen, but it had subsided a bit. I was still red, but that, too, had subsided. I didn't feel like I needed a fan or ice, but I did continue to ice for the swelling. I could see darker spots and tiny scabs on my face beginning to form, which was normal. My face continued to feel rough, like sandpaper, from the ablative laser.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 3 days after the procedure

It's important not to rub the skin or peel any of the flakiness off. I continued applying Alastin's Nectar serum and Healing Ointment to keep the skin moisturized. I started to notice that my pores looked much, much smaller, and I was thrilled.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 3 days after the procedure

Day 4

The fourth day was a Monday, so I returned to work. The swelling was pretty much all gone. I wasn't too red, more of a light pink. The scabbing had fallen off and wasn't as noticeable. My skin still felt rough, but I could feel that some spots had smoothed out.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser 4 days after the procedure

I was still a bit swollen before I took a shower, but it did look better after.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser 4 days after the procedure

I obviously wasn't wearing any makeup. You cannot wear makeup until the skin is completely healed. After rinsing my face in the morning with the water and vinegar mixture for the last time, I applied Alastin's Nectar and Epionce's Medical Barrier Cream. At this point, I didn't feel like I needed something as heavy as the Alastin Healing Ointment, and I didn't want to be totally greasy at work, so the barrier cream is the next step for skin products in the healing process. It is still totally gentle on the skin.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 4 days after the procedure

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 4 days after the procedure

Day 5

The next day, my face was pale pinkish. The laser marks on my face were far less noticeable, and I was almost not swollen at all. I definitely had more smooth patches on my face that morning when I woke up and after gently washing my face. I applied some heavy-duty Epionce Medical Barrier Cream over my whole face and headed to work. At this point, the most annoying part of this whole process has been trying to sleep on my back! I can fall asleep wedged in between pillows on my back, but time and time again, I will wake up with my face smushed against the pillow sleeping on my stomach. I'm sure that's why some of the swelling was so bad and the red streak I had on my face on Day 4.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 5 days after the procedure

Although my skin was flaking, I was not itchy. The thick cream helped with that as well. I did get a few pimple-like bumps, which Marijana told me was from the occlusiveness of the Aquaphor. I stopped using Aquaphor on Day 3 and switched to the medical barrier cream, and I did not get any more bumps after that.

Day 6

By the sixth day, all of the swelling had subsided, and I was not red anymore. My skin was definitely brand new and baby pink, with most of the rough sandpaper-feeling skin having been shed off. My skin was smooth, and the texture was like glass! I loved how my pores looked, and I could tell that the skin around my eyes had tightened. I could no longer see the little lines around the outer corners of my eyes. In general, my skin just looked tighter and firmer. The lines around my mouth had also definitely decreased, and my skin was looking plump.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 6 days after the procedure

Day 7

My skin had completely smoothed out by this point, and all of the rough-feeling lasered skin had sloughed off. I think that the texture of my skin was by far the most noticeable. It was so smooth! As someone who has had bumpy, textured skin my whole life, this was incredible! My skin was still pink and definitely still sensitive, as it was all-new skin. I kept applying the Epionce Medical Barrier Cream throughout the day, and my skin had a super healthy glow. (Excuse the pimple patch on my chin. I did have one pimple that formed from the excessive Aquaphor use, but slapping one of these patches on sucked the gunk right up!)

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 7 days after the procedure

Day 10

Skipping a few days ahead, my skin was completely healed by this point. There was still a slight pinkish undertone to my skin, but it was totally smooth. I was using regular moisturizer by this day, and I could wear a tinted SPF moisturizer during the day.

Overall, I was thrilled with my results. The tone and texture of my face had improved so dramatically. I was getting compliments on my skin left and right. My pores were noticeably smaller, fine lines had been drastically reduced, and dark marks were gone.

Here is a side-by-side comparison. You can see that dark marks are faded, the skin is smoother, fine lines around the mouth and eyes are reduced, and pore size is less noticeable.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient before and after

Is It Worth It?

I would say that this experience was definitely worth it for the transformational results. Planning this treatment around a weekend will absolutely help with the downtime. I got my treatment done on a Friday, and by Monday, I was okay to return to work with a heavy moisturizer on. Just keep in mind that you cannot apply makeup until the skin has completely healed.

Here is another side-by-side comparison where you can see that the scar on my nose has smoothed out and is far less noticeable.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient 10 days after procedure before and after

And here is a before and after photo of my whole face.

Real CO2 Resurfacing Laser patient final before and after

I really feel like it completely gave my skin a fresh start. I am amazed by the results.

The best part about the CO2 laser is that my results will continue to improve over time! From three to six months, I will still see changes in my skin, and it will only look better and better.

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