The Peel That Will Literally Peel Your Face Off (In a Good Way)

  • Posted on: May 30 2019
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Introducing: The SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective Peel

The Skinceuticals advanced corrective peel is a medical grade peel for fine lines, tone, and pigment  correction, including melasma. It is safe for every fitzpatrick scale from 1-6. The process involves layering of the peel, and completeing the peel with a booster for a maximum glow.  The Advanced Corrective Peel is the deepest and most advanced peelthat Skinceuticals carries.

Our Aesthetician, Lori Giampolo, did one of these peels on our client, and our client was kind enough to share her peeling journey with us!

Lori explains the peel process and how our client is responding to the peel each day:

The process

When applying the SkinCeuticals Advanced Corrective peel, The first layer of the peel stays on your face for 5 minutes. It does sting some.

The second layer is then applied and stays on your face for 3 minutes. If the client can take another layer, I put another layer on, with a maximum of four layers.

The entire time, I am monitoring the client’s skin very closely and usually am handing them a fan at some point. It is a very spicy peel!

The Day by Day Breakdown

Day 1

The first night, you will see pigment will appear darker as it as being pulled to the surface. Your face will feel tight and very dry. You will be sent home with home-care product for the first three nights.

As you can see in the photo, her pigment appears darker.


Day 2

The next morning, you can see more pigment pulling up, and the client told me she felt very tight and dry.


Day 3

More pigment is pulling up and she has begun flaking and peeling.

Day 4

The client’s skin is peeling and flaking. You may not touch your face during this! The only thing you may do is apply moisturizer and sunscreen. This is why i tell my clients that there may be some downtime with this peel.


Day 5

The pigment has been lifted and is now rolling off.

Day 6

Most of the peeling has stopped, the client is very happy with the results. There is a a dramatic decrease in pigmentation. The new skin that grew in underneath is pink, healthy, and fresh.

Day 11

Here the client has no makeup, just moisturizer and sunscreen!

Lori says, “This is not a peel for a first-time client, and you have to expect downtime, but you will absolutely LOVE the glow of your healthy new skin!”

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