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“Bro”tox and Other Treatments To Make You Feel “Man”tastic in 2018.

newtown botox for men

Women will always be cognizant about their looks. But who says men can’t be beautiful, too? You don’t even have to tell anyone! It could be your best kept secret.

There is no shame in “bro”tox (a nickname for botox for men), human growth factors, CoolSculpting, or any other cosmetic treatment that you may be interested in. They all are not only effective, but also life changing in many cases.

Guys, we’re here to break it down for you. 2018 is going to be YOUR year!

Botox is going to smooth out your forehead wrinkles that you may make while making the expression of wondering why your wife went on another shopping spree AGAIN! But really, it is meant to fill in the expression lines on your forehead and also your crow’s feet, giving you the appearance of looking younger. If you are interested, it can’t hurt to try because it is not permanent. You may either continue to have it refilled, or simply stop treatments if it is not for you.

You won’t want to hear it, but if you are a human being, you will eventually start to lose some of those luscious locks of hair that got all of the girls’ attention back in the day! Don’t worry, though. We have a hair restoration treatment that will not require you to go under the knife. During HGF hair restoration, we will draw your blood, spin it in a machine which separates your red blood cells from your plasma, and then we will inject the plasma back into the scalp. This is a more natural, non-invasive treatment than some other options available today. If you are interested in hair restoration, this is a good place to start.

Maybe you eat healthy and workout all week long, but can’t seem to get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat that you have accumulated. Whether it is love handles, a stomach bulge, back fat, or a double chin, CoolSculpting is a remedy for just that. CoolSculpting is another non-invasive treatment that freezes your fat cells in a specific area. Not to mention, it is FDA cleared. Some patients even come in during their lunch break, and are able to return to work right after the treatment.

Now, the topic that might make you sink into your chair and button your shirt up a little higher-your chest and back hair. Some people are very happy with the amount that they are naturally born with. Others, wish they could remove it all. Now more than ever, men are taking action to remove that hair for good so they can look smooth and shiny in their SPF this summer. Laser hair removal is the perfect option for men to accomplish this. After just a few treatments, you will be feeling confident as ever and ready to take your shirt off WHEREVER you go!

So guys, if you want to look and feel younger and more confident, come in for a free consult-no obligation or charge. Once you step into our office, you won’t believe what you have been missing! It’s time to put yourself first.

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