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All of your Preventative Botox Questions Answered

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We asked our nurse injector, Tracy Nucera, about everything you need to know before getting preventative Botox. 

Is Botox really preventative if you start early?
Botox works by weakening the contractions of the muscles in your face. Muscle movement in the forehead and the eye area causes creases that deepen over time. By using Botox, you decrease that contraction, preventing the lines to deepen and become “wrinkles.” Starting early may actually decrease the amount of Botox or Dysport you need in the future, because the lines will not be very deep.

If you start early, does your body get used to Botox?
That is very unlikely as long as you use the correct dosage over the course of your lifetime and don’t overdo it.

Should I bring anything to the appointment?
You do not need to bring anything to your appointment. After your initial assessment, the procedure takes less than ten minutes.

Where should I get Botox?
In your forehead and crow’s feet around your eyes are the most common areas, but Botox can be used in the neck, chin, and jaw to slim wider jaw lines as well.

Is there a time that’s “too early?” to get preventative Botox treatments?
I personally wouldn’t treat anyone under the age of 25.

What is the best age to get it? Is there a best age?
Not really, it depends on the patient and if he or she has a history of deep, hereditary lines.

What would be a sign that I should start getting it?
When you start seeing the lines in your forehead or crow’s feet while your face is at a resting state.

How do I know if I’m getting scammed or if a provider is  watering down the formula?
There is no way to truly know, but if you start noticing that you need more botox to receive the same effect, there is a chance it could be over over diluted.

Who should I trust to inject my Botox?
You can trust a board certified plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or a registered nurse, or physician’s assistant with a plastic surgery dermatology background.

What other treatments go best with Botox, if any?
Good clinical skincare goes well with everything. For younger generations, microneedling and other collagen-building lasers are a great way to halt the aging process.

Is it true that if I made animated expressions, I could get more wrinkles on my face?

How often can I get Botox and keep it cost-effective?
Usually for people under the age of 30, every 4-6 months is sufficient.

If Botox is not for me, what products can I start at a young age that will prevent aging in the future?
HydraFacials and keeping your skin exfoliated and clean. The key is not to do overdue anything at a young age!

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